Piano lessons for kids!

What makes Keyboard for Kids in North Attleboro different from the rest?

Lesson books geared to young learners with colorful art and supplemental materials to reinforce lessons concepts.

Studio Challenges to motivation such as the Scale Challenge, Christmas Challenge, or the Snowflake Practice Challenge.

Assignment books so you know exactly what your child should be working on at home.

Practice incentives and prizes to encourage good habits.

Performance opportunities.

At Keyboard for Kids, our goal is for students to eventually be able to play any music of their choice and to continue to play for their own pleasure as adults. As a means to this goal all students study music notation and theory and will have written homework to reinforce concepts learned during lessons.

The Scale Challenge collected funny plastic eyeballs for every scale learned.

Winter Challenge winner Ryan proudly displays her medal.

Snowflake Challenge practice incentive- won by practicing 21 day in a row!