Piano lessons for kids!

Piano Instruction

Keyboard for Kids in North Attleboro specializes in piano and keyboard lessons for beginners. Lesson books are carefully chosen for young learners with colorful art and supplemental materials, games, studio challenges, and "off the bench" activities upon which younger students thrive. A wealth of material is readily available on the web and easy to download, so piano students can choose from a huge variety of popular music to supplement lessons books. Students often continue until they graduate from high school and leave for college. Some return as adults to revive their musical skills!

Learning to play piano is a wonderful life long activity. Former students who are now teachers, doctors, researchers, and engineers report that they still play the piano for relaxation and for their own enjoyment. Many musicians perform well into their senior years. (You may not be playing soccer or football at 80, but you will still be able to share music with friends.)

At Keyboard for Kids, our goal is for students to eventually be able to play any music of their choice and to continue to play for their own pleasure as adults. As a means to this goal all students study music notation and theory and will have written homework to reinforce concepts learned during lessons.

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