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Accordion Lessons

After a period of decline, renewed interest in learning to play the accordion has been at the height of popularity here in the United States as well as the throughout the world! For many, the search for a highly qualified accordion instructor can be daunting. Search no more! As a lifelong, professional accordionist, Lynda can help you find an accordion to suit your needs, and teach you how to play it, too! Meanwhile, the studio has a few small accordions available for loan until students can secure accordions of their own.

Children are fascinated by the accordion and are very curious about how it works. For this reason, Keyboard for Kids is available for school presentations that demonstrate how reeds and bellows work together, and that allow students a hands-on experience in trying an actual accordion!

Are you an adult who studied accordion as a youth? Get your old accordion out of the closet, dust it off, and join the fun! It's never too late to enjoy improving your musical skills!

June is National Accordion Awareness Month!

Below are some photos of students trying out the accordion for the first time.

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