Accordion lessons

Accordion is back! Get your grampa's old accordion out of storage and learn to play it at Keyboard for Kids. After a period of decline, the accordion has seen a resurgence here in the United States. It is especially popular right now with teens who are discovering it's acoustic benefits- no batteries needed! Adults who used to play accordion when they were younger are redisccovering how much fun it is to play.

I can help you find an accordion to suit your needs, and teach you how to play it well! Meanwhile, the studio has a few small accordions available for loan until you can locate one of your own.

Children are fascinated by the accordion and are very curious about how it works. I'd love to bring some accordions to your school or community group. Demonstrations will also include a hands on experience with a kid-sized instrument.

Are you an adult who studied accordion as a youth? Get your old accordion out of the closet, dust it off, and join the fun! It's never too late to enjoy improving your musical skills!