Accordion lessons

Accordion is making a big comeback in the USA, and more and more people are looking for accordion lessons than ever before. I can help you find an accordion to suit your needs, and teach you how to play it, too! Meanwhile, the studio has a few small accordions for loan until you can get an accordion of your own.

Kids love the accordion and are very curious about how it works. If you would like a demonstration at your school, I'd be happy to show your group how the reeds and bellows work together, and provide an accordion for them to try.

Many adults who used to play the accordion when they were younger are picking it up again. Get your old accordion out of the closet, dust it off, and join the fun! It's never too late to enjoy improving your musical skills.

June is national Accordion Awareness month. Below are some photos of students trying out the accordion for the first time.

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