What are you looking for in music lessons?

 Do you want your child to benefit from the neurological and educational aspects of music lessons, but want them to enjoy the lessons as well? Kids have fun learning at Keyboard for Kids!

Do you want your child to want to practice? Keyboard for Kids offers practice incentives, and at the end of the year recital, students who have logged the most practice time receive trophies for their efforts. 

Do you want a teacher who is patient with your kids, but firm, and who gets results in a kind and encouraging way? Lynda Fish has forty years of successful experience teaching kids to play piano and accordion. 

Do you want a teacher who is organized? Every Keyboard for Kids student has a lesson planner, so you always know exactly what they are supposed to be practicing. 

Do you want performance opportunities for your piano student more than once a year? Keyboard for Kids students perform at "coffeehouses" several times a year. Every student has the option to compete in the Keys! Music Challenge in April. These performances prepare them for the formal recital at the end of the year. 

Do you want a comfortable place to wait during piano lessons? At Keyboard for Kids, you can work on your laptop, read, or just relax and listen to your child's lesson. Siblings are welcome.

Do you want to know exactly what you are paying for up front, with no surprises? Keyboard for Kids tuition includes all lessons, performances, books, learning materials, and downloaded music. It does not cover competition fees or summer camps. 

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