Kids have fun learning at Keyboard for Kids!

Parents know that lessons are good for their child's development, and studies have shown that kids who take music lessons generally have better math and language scores, but isn't it nicer when students actually enjoy the lessons?

Keyboard for Kids offers practice incentives throughout the year.  Several times each year there are themed "challenges," which add to students' motivation. At the June recital, students who have logged the most practice time receive trophies for their efforts.  Every Keyboard for Kids student has a lesson planner, so parents always know exactly what they are supposed to be practicing. 

Keyboard for Kids students perform at "coffeehouses" several times a year.  Coffeehouses are informal gatherings held at the studio- usually with a theme. These low stress performances build self confidence, and help prepare them for the formal recital in June. 

Keyboard for Kids tuition includes lessons from September to June, all lesson books, worksheets and other learning materials, music downloads, coffeehouses, and the formal recital in June. It does not cover competition fees or summer camps. 

At Keyboard for Kids, parents can work on their laptops, read, or just relax and listen to their child's lesson. Siblings are welcome. 

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